Manor Romance RSS feed for public list Manor Romance Love from A to Z / by Ali, S. K., Swede dreams / by Apelqvist, Eva. Kissing Tennessee and other stories from the Stardust Dance / by Appelt, Kathi, What light / by Asher, Jay, Pride and prejudice / by Austen, Jane, A school for unusual girls / by Baldwin, Kathleen, Joyride / by Banks, Anna Scrambled eggs at midnight / by Barkley, Brad. A mad, wicked folly / by Biggs, Sharon, Tell the wind and fire / by Brennan, Sarah Rees, Wild hearts : by Burkhart, Jessica. Rook / by Cameron, Sharon, Happily ever after / by Cass, Kiera, The Selection stories : by Cass, Kiera, The crown / by Cass, Kiera, The one / by Cass, Kiera. The Selection / by Cass, Kiera. The heir / by Cass, Kiera. The Elite / by Cass, Kiera. The twelve days of Dash & Lily / by Cohn, Rachel, Dash & Lily's book of dares / by Cohn, Rachel. Something like fate / by Colasanti, Susane. How to keep rolling after a fall / by Cozzo, Karole. How to say I love you out loud / by Cozzo, Karole. Words in deep blue / by Crowley, Cath, Swept away : by Dalton, Michelle. Sixteenth summer / by Dalton, Michelle. Pulled under : by Dalton, Michelle. Seventeenth summer. by Daly, Maureen, That summer / by Dessen, Sarah. The truth about forever / by Dessen, Sarah. Saint Anything / by Dessen, Sarah. Dear nobody / by Doherty, Berlie. Hindenburg, 1937 / by Dokey, Cameron. A northern light / by Donnelly, Jennifer. Louisiana hurricane, 1860 / by Duey, Kathleen. Save me / by Elliott, Jenny, Better off friends / by Eulberg, Elizabeth, Who am I without him? : by Flake, Sharon. Two Summers / by Friedman, Aimee, Sea change / by Friedman, Aimee. Beautiful chaos / by Garcia, Kami. Beautiful darkness / by Garcia, Kami. Beautiful redemption / by Garcia, Kami. A girl named Summer / by Garwood, Julie. Now and Zen / by Gerber, Linda C. Ruby red / by Gier, Kerstin. Sapphire blue / by Gier, Kerstin. Emerald green / by Gier, Kerstin. The princess bride. by Goldman, William. This is my brain in love / by Gregorio, I. W., P.S. I still love you / by Han, Jenny, To all the boys I've loved before / by Han, Jenny, Always and forever, Lara Jean / by Han, Jenny, Unearthly / by Hand, Cynthia, My Lady Jane / by Hand, Cynthia, French kissmas / by Hapka, Cathy. Pardon my French / by Hapka, Cathy. The castle behind thorns / by Haskell, Merrie. Demonglass : by Hawkins, Rachel, Hex Hall / by Hawkins, Rachel. Kiss me kill me / by Henderson, Lauren, Kisses and lies / by Henderson, Lauren, Frosted kisses / by Hepler, Heather, Frostfire / by Hocking, Amanda. Spain or shine / by Jellen, Michelle. Elizabeth's summer love / by John, Laurie. The first part last / by Johnson, Angela, The improbable theory of Ana & Zak / by Katcher, Brian, These broken stars / by Kaufman, Amie, Unscripted / by Kaye, Amy. Fire in the heart / by Ketchum, Liza, The jumbee / by Keyes, Pamela. The silver kiss / by Klause, Annette Curtis. Summer unscripted by Klein, Jen. Ophelia : by Klein, Lisa M., Lady Macbeth's daughter / by Klein, Lisa M., My most excellent year : by Kluger, Steve. Keturah and Lord Death / by Leavitt, Martine, Wondrous strange : by Livingston, Lesley. Darklight : by Livingston, Lesley. Open road summer / by Lord, Emery. I am number four / by Lore, Pittacus. Legend / by Lu, Marie, The catalogue of the universe / by Mahy, Margaret. Mixed messages / by Malcolm, Jahnna N. Message in a bottle / by Malcolm, Jahnna N. Perfect strangers / by Malcolm, Jahnna N. The write stuff / by Malcolm, Jahnna N. Much ado about prom night / by McCants, William D., Beauty : by McKinley, Robin. When Dimple met Rishi / by Menon, Sandhya, The eternal ones : by Miller, Kirsten, Shadow / by Moss, Jenny, Ethan between us / by Myers, Anna. The smile / by Napoli, Donna Jo, Achingly Alice / by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Outrageously Alice / by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Simply Alice / by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. The sound of Munich / by Nelson, Suzanne Marie, Heart and salsa / by Nelson, Suzanne Marie, Fated / by Noël, Alyson. Mystic / by Noël, Alyson. Echo / by Noël, Alyson. Habibi : by Nye, Naomi Sihab. Pulling princes / by O'Connell, Tyne. Dumping princes / by O'Connell, Tyne. Stealing princes / by O'Connell, Tyne. Dueling princes / by O'Connell, Tyne. True love, the sphinx, and other unsolvable riddles : by O'Connell, Tyne. Viola by Orr, Barbara. Westminster Abby / by Ostow, Micol. The kiss of deception / by Pearson, Mary For darkness shows the stars / by Peterfreund, Diana. Across a star-swept sea / by Peterfreund, Diana. Be good be real be crazy / by Philpot, Chelsey, The wedding : by Rees, Elizabeth M. Summer love / by Santopolo, Jill. Enthusiasm / by Shulman, Polly. The summer invitation / by Silver, Charlotte, A walk to remember / by Sparks, Nicholas. Pucker up / by Stapleton, Rhonda. Stupid cupid / by Stapleton, Rhonda. The perilous journey of the not-so-innocuous girl / by Statham, Leigh, Perilous journey of the much-too-spontaneous girl. by Statham, Leigh, Getting the boot / by Strauss, Peggy Guthart. At the sign of the star / by Sturtevant, Katherine. A true and faithful narrative / by Sturtevant, Katherine. Girl Online / by Sugg, Zoe, When Irish guys are smiling / by Supplee, Suzanne. Piano man / by Sweeney, Joyce. Forged in the fire / by Turnbull, Ann. No shame, no fear / by Turnbull, Ann. Flipped / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Confessions of a serial kisser / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Bad girls in love / by Voigt, Cynthia. Love & gelato / by Welch, Jenna Evans, P.S. I like you / by West, Kasie, On the fence / by West, Kasie. Velvet by West, Temple, Wildwing / by Whitman, Emily. A kiss before dying / by William, Kate. The probability of miracles / by Wunder, Wendy, Briar Rose / by Yolen, Jane. The sun is also a star / by Yoon, Nicola. The Beetle and me : by Young, Karen Romano. Pride / by Zoboi, Ibi Aanu,