Manor Mystery RSS feed for public list Manor Mystery "When did you see her last?" / by Snicket, Lemony. A king's ransom / by Watson, Jude. A mutiny in time / by Dashner, James, A samurai never fears death / by Hoobler, Dorothy. A spy in the house / by Lee, Ying S. A study in scarlet / by Doyle, Arthur Conan, A Summer to die / by Lowry, Lois. A taste for monsters / by Kirby, Matthew J., A thief in the house of memory / by Wynne-Jones, Tim. A touch of chill : by Aiken, Joan, Adventure at Simba Hill / by Runholt, Susan. Agent Q, or the smell of danger! / by Anderson, M. T. Alcatraz / by Smith, Roland, Alfred Hitchcock presents : by Hitchcock, Alfred, All fall down / by Carter, Ally. All your twisted secrets / by Urban, Diana, An unthymely death and other garden mysteries / by Albert, Susan Wittig. And then there were none / by Christie, Agatha, Avenger / by McNab, Andy Beastly bones / by Ritter, William, Behind the curtain : by Abrahams, Peter, Beyond the grave / by Watson, Jude. Black ice / by Lane, Andy. Blood fever / by Higson, Charles, Blood Relations : by Butcher, A. J. Blood will tell / by Henry, April. Bloodroot / by Albert, Susan Wittig. Brigands M.C. / by Muchamore, Robert. By royal command : by Higson, Charles, Capture the flag / by Messner, Kate. Cave of wonders (infinity ring 5) / by Kirby, Matthew J. CHAOS Rising : by Butcher, A. J. Chasing the Falconers / by Korman, Gordon. Chasing Vermeer / by Balliett, Blue, Chile death. by Albert, Susan Wittig. Chopping spree / by Davidson, Diane Mott. City of ghosts / by Schwab, Victoria, City of wind / by Baccalario, Pierdomenico. Clara Voyant / by Delaney, Rachelle, Club Dread / by Sorrells, Walter. Count all her bones / by Henry, April, Crime files: four-minute forensic mysteries: Body of Evidence by Jeremy Brown. by Brown, Jeremy, Curse of the ancients / by Peña, Matt de la. Dead is the new black / by Perez, Marlene. Dead letter / by Byars, Betsy Cromer. Dead man's switch / by Brouwer, Sigmund, Death by bikini / by Gerber, Linda C. Death by denim / by Gerber, Linda C. Death by latte / by Gerber, Linda C. Death cloud / by Lane, Andy. Death in the air / by Peacock, Shane. Death run / by Higgins, Jack, Deathwatch / by White, Robb, Divine Madness /Cherub Series, Book 5 / by Muchamore, Robert. Don't judge a girl by her cover / by Carter, Ally. Doppelganger / by Hautman, Pete, Double or die : by Higson, Charles, Dove in the window / by Fowler, Earlene. Down a dark hall. by Duncan, Lois., Down the rabbit hole : by Abrahams, Peter, Dragon of seas / by Baccalario, Pierdomenico. Dying for chocolate / by Davidson, Diane Mott. Edenville Owls / by Parker, Robert B., Edison's gold / by Watson, Geoff, Elizabeth Webster and the Court of Uncommon Pleas / by Lashner, William, Endymion Spring / by Skelton, Matthew. Eye of the crow / by Peacock, Shane. Eye of the storm / by Messner, Kate. Eyes of a stranger / by Heisel, Sharon E. Fake ID / by Sorrells, Walter. Fight game by Wild, K. Finding Lubchenko / by Simmons, Michael, Finding the forger : by Sternberg, Libby. Finding the forger / by Sternberg, Libby. Fire storm / by Lane, Andy. First shot / by Sorrells, Walter. First strike / by Higgins, Jack, Following Fake Man / by Holmes, Barbara Ware. Found / by Coben, Harlan, From above / by McClintock, Norah, Getting the girl / by Juby, Susan, Ghost in the machine / by Carman, Patrick. Ghostly echoes / by Ritter, William, Gilda Joyce : by Allison, Jennifer. Gilda Joyce : by Allison, Jennifer. Gilda Joyce : by Allison, Jennifer. Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator / by Allison, Jennifer. Goldstrike : by Whyman, Matt. Greenglass House / by Milford, Kate. Groosham Grange / by Horowitz, Anthony, Growler's horn / by Delaney, Mark. Half in love with death / by Ross, Emily. Hangman's curse / by Peretti, Frank E. Hangman's root. by Albert, Susan Wittig. Havoc / by Wooding, Chris, Hideout / by Key, Watt, His last bow, by Doyle, Arthur Conan, Hit and run / by Delaney, Mark. Hunting the hunter / by Korman, Gordon. Hurricane gold : by Higson, Charles, I know what you did last summer. by Duncan, Lois, I, Q : by Smith, Roland, I, Q. by Smith, Roland, I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you / by Carter, Ally. Icecore : by Whyman, Matt. If looks could kill / by Lazo, Jeanne. In darkness, death / by Hoobler, Dorothy. In too deep / by Watson, Jude. Internet spy / by Probert, Ian. Into the dark : by Abrahams, Peter, Into the gauntlet / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Invisible world : by Weyn, Suzanne. Irish chain / by Fowler, Earlene. Jackaby / by Ritter, William, Jade green : by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Jasper Dash and the flame-pits of Delaware / by Anderson, M.T. Jim Averbeck presents A Hitch at the Fairmont / by Averbeck, Jim. Just dial a number / by Maxwell, Edith. Killer pancake / by Davidson, Diane Mott. Killing Mr. Griffin / by Duncan, Lois., Kitty Hawk / by Smith, Roland, Kitty kitty / by Jaffe, Michele. Knife edge / by Lane, Andy, Lavender lies : by Albert, Susan Wittig. Liar & spy / by Stead, Rebecca. Library of souls / by Riggs, Ransom, Live and let shop / by Spradlin, Michael P. Lulu Dark and the summer of the Fox : by Madison, Bennett. Lulu Dark can see through walls : by Madison, Bennett. Mad dogs / by Muchamore, Robert. Magic and other misdemeanors / by Buckley, Michael. Malice / by Wooding, Chris, Man vs. beast / by Muchamore, Robert. Maximum security / : by Muchamore, Robert. Meltdown : by McNab, Andy. Minerva Clark goes to the dogs / by Karbo, Karen. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children / by Riggs, Ransom. Missing Matthew / by Dunnion, Kristyn. Montmorency : by Updale, Eleanor. Montmorency and the assassins / by Updale, Eleanor. Montmorency on the rocks : by Updale, Eleanor. Montmorency's revenge / by Updale, Eleanor. More Bones, Scary Stories from Around the World / by Olson,Arielle North. Murder comes to life and other stories / by Brightfield, Rick. Murder in Baker Street : Murder on the Orient Express : by Christie, Agatha, My life and death by Alexandra Canarsie / by O'Keefe, Susan Heyboer. My thirteenth winter : by Abeel, Samantha, Never trust a dead man / by Vande Velde, Vivian. Night of fear / by Kehret, Peg. Nightmare Academy / by Peretti, Frank E. No such person / by Cooney, Caroline B., Not if I save you first / by Carter, Ally, Now you see them, now you don't / by Korman, Gordon. Nowhere to hide / by Brouwer, Sigmund, Number 8 / by Fienberg, Anna. Of heroes and villains / by Delaney, Mark. Once Upon a Crime / by Buckley, Michael. One came home / by Timberlake, Amy. One false note / by Korman, Gordon. One of us is lying / by McManus, Karen M., One of us is next / by McManus, Karen M., Only the good spy young / by Carter, Ally. Operation Red Jericho / by Mowll, Joshua. Operation Trinity/ by Riley, Clifford Operation typhoon shore / by Mowll, Joshua. Out of sight, out of time / by Carter, Ally. Out of tune / by McClintock, Norah, Payback / by McNab, Andy. Picture me gone / by Rosoff, Meg. Picture the dead / by Griffin, Adele. Play to the angel / by Dahlberg, Maurine F., Public enemies / by Korman, Gordon. Public enemy number two : by Horowitz, Anthony, Rat life / by Arnold, Tedd. Rebel fire / by Lane, Andy. Recovering Dad / by Sternberg, Libby. Rescuing Seneca Crane / : by Runholt, Susan. Return to Groosham Grange : by Horowitz, Anthony, Ring of fire / by Baccalario, Pierdomenico. Rosemary remembered : by Albert, Susan Wittig. Rueful death : by Albert, Susan Wittig. Ruined : by Morris, Paula. Runaway / by Benjamin, David. Sammy Keyes and the curse of Moustache Mary / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Sammy Keyes and the dead giveaway / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood mummy / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Sammy Keyes and the hotel thief / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Sammy Keyes and the psycho Kitty Queen / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Sammy Keyes and the runaway elf / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Sammy Keyes and the skeleton man / by Van Draanen, Wendelin. Seconds away : by Coben, Harlan, Secret agent / by Spizman, Robyn Freedman. See how they run / by Carter, Ally, Seven paths to death / by Hoobler, Dorothy. Seven sisters / by Fowler, Earlene. Shadowed summer / by Mitchell, Saundra. Shantorian / by Carman, Patrick. Sharp shot / by Higgins, Jack, Shatterproof / by Smith, Roland, Shelter : by Coben, Harlan, Shiver / by Cray, Jordan. SilverFin : by Higson, Charles, Sisters of the sword / by Snow, Maya. Skeleton Creek / by Carman, Patrick. Skullduggery / by Hautman, Pete, Snake bite / by Lane, Andy Snap / by Snow, Carol, Snatched / by Hautman, Pete, Something wicked's in those woods / by Montes, Marisa. South by southeast : by Horowitz, Anthony, Spirit hunters / by Oh, Ellen, Spy High : by Butcher, A. J. Spy school / by Gibbs, Stuart, Star of Stone / by Baccalario, Pierdomenico. Steel Trapp : by Pearson, Ridley. Stolen / by Vande Velde, Vivian. Storm warning / by Park, Linda Sue. Sure fire / by Higgins, Jack, Survivor / by Benjamin, David. Suspect / by Nitz, Kristin Wolden. Switch : by McColley, Kevin. Taking Terri Mueller / by Mazer, Norma Fox, Tales from the hood / by Buckley, Michael. Tales of the peculiar / by Riggs, Ransom, The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian / by Alexie, Sherman. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes / by Doyle, Arthur Conan, The Alamo / by Smith, Roland, The amazing adventures of John Smith, Jr., aka Houdini / by Johnson, Peter, The angel of death : by Ferguson, Alane. The black book of secrets / by Higgins, F. E. The black circle / by Carman, Patrick. The blackthorn key / by Sands, Kevin. The body in the woods / by Henry, April. The body of Christopher Creed / by Plum-Ucci, Carol, The bone magician / by Higgins, F. E. The boxer and the spy / by Parker, Robert B., The Calder game / by Balliett, Blue, The case of the bizarre bouquets : by Springer, Nancy. The case of the cryptic crinoline / by Springer, Nancy. The case of the gypsy good-bye / by Springer, Nancy. The case of the left-handed lady : by Springer, Nancy. The case of the missing marquess : by Springer, Nancy. The case of the peculiar pink fan : by Springer, Nancy. The Cassandra virus / by Johansen, K. V. The chess queen enigma : by Gleason, Colleen, The Christopher killer : by Ferguson, Alane. The circle of blood : by Ferguson, Alane. The clockwork scarab : by Gleason, Colleen. The clue of the hissing serpent / by Dixon, Franklin. The clue of the linoleum lederhosen / by Anderson, M. T. The conspiracy of us / by Hall, Maggie, The creeping shadow / by Stroud, Jonathan. The crossbones / by Carman, Patrick. The curse of the Wendigo : by Welvaert, Scott R. The Da Vinci code / by Brown, Dan, The dead of night / by Lerangis, Peter. The dealer, alt. title: Class A by Muchamore, Robert. The death collector / by Richards, Justin. The demon in the teahouse / by Hoobler, Dorothy. The door that led to where / by Gardner, Sally, The dying breath : by Ferguson, Alane. The emperor's code / by Korman, Gordon. The Everafter war / by Buckley, Michael. The Fairy-Tale Detectives / by Buckley, Michael. The Falcon's Malteser : by Horowitz, Anthony, The falconer's knot : by Hoffman, Mary, The fall / by Muchamore, Robert. The firebird rocket / by Dixon, Franklin W. The fox hunt mystery / by Keene, Carolyn. The fugitive factor / by Korman, Gordon. The general / by Muchamore, Robert. The ghost in the Tokaido Inn / by Hoobler, Dorothy. The girl I used to be / by Henry, April, The girl who was supposed to die / by Henry, April. The golden hour / by Williams, Maiya. The grand escape / by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. The Great Trouble : by Hopkinson, Deborah, The Greek who stole Christmas : by Horowitz, Anthony, The hand on the wall / by Johnson, Maureen, The hollow boy / by Stroud, Jonathan, The hound of the Baskervilles / by Doyle, Arthur Conan, The inquistor's apprentice / by Moriarty, Chris, The inside story / by Buckley, Michael. The Janus gate : by Rees, Douglas. The killing / : by Muchamore, Robert. The kingfisher's tale / by Delaney, Mark. The last treasure / by Anderson, Janet, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow / by Irving, Washington, The Legend of the Lost Jewels The London Eye mystery / by Dowd, Siobhan. The lonely dead / by Henry, April. The long game : by Barnes, Jennifer The lost world / by Doyle, Arthur Conan, The maze of bones / by Riordan, Rick. The medusa plot / by Korman, Gordon. The mistaken masterpiece / by Beil, Michael D. The moonlight man / by Wright, Betty Ren. The mystery of the Martello tower / by Lanthier, Jennifer. The mystery of the third Lucretia : by Runholt, Susan. The night tourist / by Marsh, Katherine. The paranoia plot : by Butcher, A. J. The Parker inheritance / by Johnson, Varian, The pharaoh's secret / by Moss, Marissa. The postcard / by Abbott, Tony. The Problem Child / by Buckley, Michael. The recruit / : by Muchamore, Robert. The red blazer girls : by Beil, Michael D. The return of Sherlock Holmes / by Doyle, Arthur Conan, The rise of Lubchenko / by Simmons, Michael, The river / by Beaufrand, Mary Jane. The screaming staircase / by Stroud, Jonathan. The séance / by Lawrence, Iain, The secret agents strike back / by Spizman, Robyn Freedman. The secret fiend / by Peacock, Shane. The secret of the Fortune Wookiee : by Angleberger, Tom. The Serpent scenario : by Butcher, A. J. The sign of four / by Doyle, Arthur Conan, The sign of the four / by Doyle, Arthur Conan, The sleepwalker / by Muchamore, Robert. The spiritglass charade : by Gleason, Colleen, The spying game / by Moon, Pat. The sting of the scorpion / by Dixon, Franklin W. The stowaway solution / by Korman, Gordon. The strange case of Origami Yoda / by Angleberger, Tom. The stranger next door / by Kehret, Peg. The sword that cut the burning grass : by Hoobler, Dorothy. The trap door / by McMann, Lisa. The trouble with lemons / by Hayes, Daniel. The twilight prisoner / by Marsh, Katherine. The unknowns : by Carey, Benedict. The Unusual Suspects / by Buckley, Michael. The vanishing stair / by Johnson, Maureen, The vanishing violin / by Beil, Michael D. The viper's nest / by Lerangis, Peter. The whispering skull / by Stroud, Jonathan, The Windy City / by Smith, Roland, The Wright 3 / by Balliett, Blue, The Yggyssey / by Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, Theodore Boone : by Grisham, John. Theodore Boone : by Grisham, John. Theodore Boone : by Grisham, John. Theodore Boone : The Accused by Grisham, John. They never came back / by Cooney, Caroline B. Three adventures of Sherlock Holmes / by Doyle, Arthur Conan, Three black swans / by Cooney, Caroline B. Three days / by Napoli, Donna Jo, Three of diamonds : by Horowitz, Anthony, Thyme of death. by Albert, Susan Wittig. Time fix and other tales of terror / by Wulffson, Don L. To catch a killer / by Scarborough, Sheryl, To Hawaii, with love / by Spradlin, Michael P. To right the wrongs / by Scarborough, Sheryl, Torn to pieces / by McDonnell, Margot. Tower of evil. by Main, Mary. Trackers. by Carman, Patrick. Traitor / by McNab, Andy. Trial by fire / by McClintock, Norah, Truly Devious / by Johnson, Maureen, Trust No One by Park, Linda Sue. Tunnel of bones / by Schwab, Victoria, Two can keep a secret / by McManus, Karen M., Two-minute mysteries collection / by Sobol, Donald J., Uncovering Sadie's secrets : by Sternberg, Libby. United we spy / by Carter, Ally. Vanishing girl / by Peacock, Shane. Vespers rising / Walls within walls / by Sherry, Maureen. What happened at midnight / by Dixon, Franklin W. Whiteout / by Sorrells, Walter. Who could that be at this hour? / by Snicket, Lemony. Who is Eddie Leonard? : by Mazer, Harry. Witch dreams / by Vande Velde, Vivian. Witches' bane / by Albert, Susan Wittig. Yesterday's child / by Levitin, Sonia, You owe me a murder / by Cook, Eileen, Zora and me : by Bond, Victoria,