Manor Sci-Fi RSS feed for public list Manor Sci-Fi 20,000 leagues under the sea / by Verne, Jules, A wrinkle in time / by L'Engle, Madeleine. Adventures of a cat-whiskered girl / by Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, Alien child / by Sargent, Pamela. Among the Barons / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the Betrayed / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the Enemy / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the Hidden / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the Impostors / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. And another thing-- / by Colfer, Eoin. Around the world in 80 days / by Verne, Jules, Black hole sun / by Gill, David Macinnis, Both sides of time / by Cooney, Caroline B. Brain Jack / by Falkner, Brian. Can of worms / by Mackel, Kathy. Chasing stars / by Douglas, Helen Cinder / by Meyer, Marissa. Cosmic / by Boyce, Frank Cottrell Cryptid hunters / by Smith, Roland, Dangerous / by Hale, Shannon. Dark energy / by Wells, Robison E., Dark life / by Falls, Kat. Defy the stars / by Gray, Claudia, Discover the destroyer / by Applegate, Katherine. Divergent / by Roth, Veronica. Dr. Franklin's island / by Halam, Ann. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and other stories of the supernatural / by Stevenson, Robert Louis, Dragon and thief : by Zahn, Timothy. Dream-weaver / by Lawrence, Louise, Dune / by Herbert, Frank. Dune messiah / by Herbert, Frank. Eager / by Fox, Helen, Ender's game / by Card, Orson Scott. Ender's shadow / by Card, Orson Scott. Enter the enchanted / by Applegate, Katherine. Epic / by Kostick, Conor. Erebos : by Poznanski, Ursula, Evil genius / by Jinks, Catherine. Fantastic voyage / by Asimov, Isaac, Fantastic voyage II : by Asimov, Isaac., Fear the fantastic / by Applegate, Katherine. Fearless / by Lott, Tim, Fight for power / by Walters, Eric, First contact / by Vornholt, John. Flood and fire / by Diamand, Emily. Found / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. From the earth to the moon, and a trip around it. by Verne, Jules., Future shock / by Briggs, Elizabeth Future threat / by Briggs, Elizabeth Gemina / by Kaufman, Amie. Green boy / by Cooper, Susan, Green Thumb / by Thomas, Rob. I am number four / by Lore, Pittacus. I, robot / by Asimov, Isaac, Illuminae / by Kaufman, Amie, In the days of the comet. by Wells, H. G. Independence Day / by Devlin, Dean. Interstellar pig / by Sleator, William. InterWorld / by Gaiman, Neil. Journey to the center of the earth / by Verne, Jules, Jurassic Park / by Crichton, Michael, Keeper of the universe / by Lawrence, Louise, Land of loss / by Applegate, Katherine. Larklight, or, The revenge of the white spiders!, or, To Saturn's rings and back! : by Reeve, Philip. Last day on Mars / by Emerson, Kevin, Legend / by Lu, Marie, Leviathan / by Westerfeld, Scott. Life as we knew it / by Pfeffer, Susan Beth, Living hell / by Jinks, Catherine. Loch / by Zindel, Paul. Lost in cyberspace / by Peck, Richard, Man made Boy / by Skovron, Jon. Marco's millions / by Sleator, William. Master of the world. by Verne, Jules., Maximum Ride : by Patterson, James, Memento Nora / by Smibert, Angie. Mib : by Gardner, J. J. Monster / by Grant, Michael, Mortal engines : by Reeve, Philip. Night of the bat / by Zindel, Paul. Nil / by Matson, Lynne. Nil on fire / by Matson, Lynne, No Child"s Game;Surviving Antarctica : by White, Andrea, Nowhere land / by Applegate, Katherine. Nowhere on earth / by Lake, Nick, Obsidio / by Kaufman, Amie On the Blue Comet / by Wells, Rosemary. Only you can save mankind / by Pratchett, Terry. Out of time / by Cooney, Caroline B. Pathfinder / by Card, Orson Scott. Prisoner of time / by Cooney, Caroline B. Pulse / by Carman, Patrick. Raiders' ransom / by Diamand, Emily. Raptor / by Zindel, Paul. Rat runners / by McGann, Oisin, Rated / by Grey, Melissa Rats / by Zindel, Paul. Reckoning / by Wilkinson, Kerry, Reef of death / by Zindel, Paul. REM world / by Philbrick, W. R. Renegade / by Wilkinson, Kerry, Resurgence / by Wilkinson, Kerry, Ruins / by Card, Orson Scott. Search for Senna / by Applegate, Katherine. Skinned : by Wasserman, Robin. Sleeper agenda / by Sniegoski, Tom. Sleeper code / by Sniegoski, Tom. So this is how it ends / by Sutherland, Tui. Solitary / by Smith, Alexander Gordon, Space race / by Waugh, Sylvia. Starcross, or, The coming of the moobs!, or, Adventures in the fourth dimension! : by Reeve, Philip. Stargate : by Black, Sheila. Starman Jones / by Heinlein, Robert A. Sylo / by MacHale, D. J. The 5th Wave / by Yancey, Richard. The accidental hero / by Myklusch, Matt. The Andromeda strain / by Crichton, Michael, The bar code prophecy / by Weyn, Suzanne. The comet's curse : by Testa, Dom. The cure / by Levitin, Sonia, The dangerous days of Daniel X / by Patterson, James, The death cure (Maze Runner Trilogy ; bk.3) / by Dashner, James, The Declaration / by Malley, G. R. The door into summer / by Heinlein, Robert A. The exchange student / by Gilmore, Kate. The eye of minds / by Dashner, James, The fever code / by Dashner, James, The game of lives / by Dashner, James, The glass sentence / by Grove, S. E. The hangman's revolution / by Colfer, Eoin. The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy / by Adams, Douglas, The house of the scorpion / by Farmer, Nancy. The inventor's secret / by Cremer, Andrea R. The invisible man / by Wells, H. G. The Island of Dr. Moreau / by Wells, H. G. The keepers of the flame / by Armstrong, Jennifer, The kill order / by Dashner, James, The kiln / by Armstrong, Jennifer, The kindling / by Armstrong, Jennifer, The kingdom keepers / by Pearson, Ridley. The last universe / by Sleator, William. The limit / by Landon, Kristen, The lord of Opium / by Farmer, Nancy, The Mayflower Project / by Applegate, Katherine. The maze runner / by Dashner, James, The merchant of death / by MacHale, D. J. The mutation / by Applegate, K. A. The mysterious Benedict Society / by Stewart, Trenton Lee. The mysterious island / by Verne, Jules, The oceans between stars / by Emerson, Kevin, The one safe place / by Unsworth, Tania, The other side of the island / by Goodman, Allegra. The outsider / by Metz, Melinda. The picture of Dorian Gray / by Wilde, Oscar, The reluctant assassin / by Colfer, Eoin. The restaurant at the end of the universe / by Adams, Douglas, The rule of thoughts / by Dashner, James, The rule of three / by Walters, Eric, The Scorch Trials / by Dashner, James, The secret hour / by Westerfeld, Scott. The secret under my skin / by McNaughton, Janet Elizabeth, The seeker / by Metz, Melinda. The stolen law / by Mason, Anne The supernaturalist / by Colfer, Eoin. The time hackers / by Paulsen, Gary. The time machine / by Wells, H. G. The tomorrow code / by Falkner, Brian. The Transall saga / by Paulsen, Gary. The true meaning of Smekday / by Rex, Adam. The virtual war / by Skurzynski, Gloria. The war of the worlds / by Wells, H. G. The Wells Bequest / by Shulman, Polly. The xenocide mission / by Jeapes, Ben. Them / by Applegate, Katherine. This world we live in / by Pfeffer, Susan Beth, Thundershine : by Skinner, David, Time's chariot / by Jeapes, Ben. Titan A.E : by Daly, C. R. Tunnel in the sky / by Heinlein, Robert A. Tunnels / by Gordon, Roderick. Turnabout / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Uglies / by Westerfeld, Scott. Unwind / by Shusterman, Neal. Virals / by Reichs, Kathy. Virtual vandals / by Clancy, Tom, Wake up missing / by Messner, Kate. Welcome to the Ark / by Tolan, Stephanie S. Who goes home? / by Waugh, Sylvia. Will to survive / by Walters, Eric, Zeroes / by Westerfeld, Scott,