Marticville Science Fiction RSS feed for public list Marticville Science Fiction A spark unseen / by Cameron, Sharon, A web of air / by Reeve, Philip. All rights reserved / by Katsoulis, Gregory Scott. Allegiant / by Roth, Veronica. Among the Barons / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the betrayed / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the brave / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the enemy / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among the free / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Among The Hidden. by Haddix, Margaret Peterson Among the impostors / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Ashes of twilight / by Tayler, Kassy. Behemoth / by Westerfeld, Scott. Birthmarked / by O'Brien, Caragh M. Black Light Express / by Reeve, Philip. Brave new girl / by Vincent, Rachel, Calamity / by Sanderson, Brandon, Carve the mark / by Roth, Veronica, Catalyst / by Kincaid, S. J. Catching fire / by Collins, Suzanne. Champion : by Lu, Marie, Children of Eden : by Graceffa, Joey, Children of exile / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson, Children of Jubilee / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Children of refuge by Haddix, Margaret Peterson, Cinder / by Meyer, Marissa. Cress / by Meyer, Marissa, Cross fire / by Lee, Fonda Crossed / by Condie, Allyson Braithwaite. Crystal Force/ by Ducie, Joe, Dark energy / by Wells, Robison E., Dark life / by Falls, Kat. Devils unto dust / by Berquist, Emma, Divergent / by Roth, Veronica. Dividing Eden / by Charbonneau, Joelle. Dry / by Shusterman, Neal, Dune / by Herbert, Frank. Eden conquered / by Charbonneau, Joelle. Elites of Eden : by Graceffa, Joey, Empty / by Weyn, Suzanne. Enclave / by Aguirre, Ann. Ender's game /Ender # 1 / by Card, Orson Scott. Ender's shadow / by Card, Orson Scott. Epic / by Kostick, Conor, Epitaph Road / by Patneaude, David. Erebos : by Poznanski, Ursula, Exo / by Lee, Fonda Extras / by Westerfeld, Scott. Fahrenheit 451 / by Bradbury, Ray, Fairest / by Meyer, Marissa. Fear / by Grant, Michael, Fever Crumb / by Reeve, Philip. Fight for power / by Walters, Eric, Firefight / by Sanderson, Brandon. Four : by Roth, Veronica, Frost / by Kozlowsky, M. P. Future shock / by Briggs, Elizabeth Future threat / by Briggs, Elizabeth Gamer army / by Reedy, Trent Gemina / by Kaufman, Amie. Goliath / by Westerfeld, Scott. Gone / by Grant, Michael, H2o by Bergin, Virginia. Heart of iron / by Poston, Ashley, Heartless by Meyer, Marissa, Horde / by Aguirre, Ann, Human.4 / by Lancaster, Mike A. Hunger : by Grant, Michael, I am number four / by Lore, Pittacus. Illuminae / by Kaufman, Amie, Impostors / by Westerfeld, Scott. Independent study / by Charbonneau, Joelle, Inside / by Snyder, Maria V. Inside out / by Snyder, Maria V. Insignia / by Kincaid, S. J. Insurgent / by Roth, Veronica. Into the still blue / by Rossi, Veronica. Last chance / by Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, Last day on Mars / by Emerson, Kevin, Last descendants / by Kirby, Matthew J., Legend / by Lu, Marie, Leviathan / by Westerfeld, Scott. Lies : by Grant, Michael, Life as we knew it / by Pfeffer, Susan Beth, Light : by Grant, Michael, Matched / by Condie, Allyson Braithwaite. Mockingjay / by Collins, Suzanne. Monster / by Grant, Michael, Mortal engines : by Reeve, Philip. Nineteen eighty-four : by Orwell, George, Nowhere on earth / by Lake, Nick, Obsidio / by Kaufman, Amie Orleans / by Smith, Sherri L. Outpost / by Aguirre, Ann. Outside in / by Snyder, Maria V. Paradox / by Paquette, Ammi-Joan. Passenger / by Bracken, Alexandra, Pathfinder / by Card, Orson Scott. Plague : by Grant, Michael, Pretties / by Westerfeld, Scott. Pride and prejudice and zombies : by Hockensmith, Steve. Pride and prejudice and zombies / by Grahame-Smith, Seth. Prodigy : by Lu, Marie, Pulse / by Carman, Patrick. Quake / by Carman, Patrick. Railhead by Reeve, Philip. Rated / by Grey, Melissa Reached / by Condie, Allyson Braithwaite. Rebels of Eden : by Graceffa, Joey, Replica. by Oliver, Lauren, Ringer / by Oliver, Lauren, Rook / by Cameron, Sharon, Scarlet / by Meyer, Marissa. Scrivener's moon / by Reeve, Philip. Scythe / by Shusterman, Neal. Shatter city / by Westerfeld, Scott Ship breaker / by Bacigalupi, Paolo. Skyship Academy : by James, Nick, Soul of stars / by Poston, Ashley, Spacer and Rat / by Bechard, Margaret. Specials / by Westerfeld, Scott. Stars above : by Meyer, Marissa, Station Zero / by Reeve, Philip Steelheart / by Sanderson, Brandon. Storm / by MacHale, D. J. Strange new world / by Vincent, Rachel. Strike / by MacHale, D. J., Sylo / by MacHale, D. J. The 5th Wave / by Yancey, Richard. The assault / by Falkner, Brian. The awakening / by Carroll, Michael Owen, The bar code prophecy / by Weyn, Suzanne. The bar code rebellion / by Weyn, Suzanne. The bridge / by Higgins, Jane. The city of Ember / by DuPrau, Jeanne. The compound / by Bodeen, S. A. The dark unwinding / by Cameron, Sharon, The darkest path / by Hirsch, Jeff. The dead & the gone / by Pfeffer, Susan Beth, The death cure (Maze Runner Trilogy ; bk.3) / by Dashner, James, The deceiver's heart / by Nielsen, Jennifer A, The diamond of Darkhold / by DuPrau, Jeanne. The drowned cities / by Bacigalupi, Paolo. The eleventh plague / by Hirsch, Jeff. The end / by Higson, Charles, The enemy / by Higson, Charles, The eye of minds / by Dashner, James, The fall of five / by Lore, Pittacus. The fallen / by Higson, Charles, The fallout / by Bodeen, S. A. The false prince / by Nielsen, Jennifer A. The fates divide / by Roth, Veronica. The fear / by Higson, Charles, The fever code / by Dashner, James, The Forgetting / by Cameron, Sharon, The future we left behind / by Lancaster, Mike A. The game of lives / by Dashner, James, The gathering / by Carroll, Michael Owen, The girl from everywhere / by Heilig, Heidi, The Giver / by Lowry, Lois. The house of the scorpion / by Farmer, Nancy. The Hunger Games by Collins, Suzanne. The hunted / by Higson, Charles, The infinite sea / by Yancey, Richard. The kill order / by Dashner, James, The Knowing / by Cameron, Sharon, The last star / by Yancey, Richard, The limit / by Landon, Kristen, The lord of Opium / by Farmer, Nancy, The maze runner / by Dashner, James, The obsidian blade / by Hautman, Pete, The oceans between stars / by Emerson, Kevin, The one safe place / by Unsworth, Tania, The power of Six / by Lore, Pittacus. The prophet of Yonwood / by DuPrau, Jeanne. The rains / by Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, The reckoning / by Carroll, Michael Owen, The revenge of seven / by Lore, Pittacus, The Rig / by Ducie, Joe, The rise of nine / by Lore, Pittacus. The roar / by Clayton, Emma. The Rose Society / by Lu, Marie, The rule of thoughts / by Dashner, James, The runaway king / by Nielsen, Jennifer A. The sacrifice / by Higson, Charles, The Scorch Trials / by Dashner, James, The scourge / by Nielsen, Jennifer A., The shadow throne / by Nielsen, Jennifer A., The ship beyond time / by Heilig, Heidi, The sky inside / by Dunkle, Clare B. The storm / by Bergin, Virginia. The Testing / by Charbonneau, Joelle. The toll / by Shusterman, Neal The traitor's game / by Nielsen, Jennifer A. The war of the worlds / by Wells, H. G. The Whisper / by Clayton, Emma. This world we live in / by Pfeffer, Susan Beth, Through the ever night / by Rossi, Veronica, Thunderhead / by Shusterman, Neal, Time snatchers / by Ungar, Richard TITLE 3: The rule of thre3 / by Walters, Eric Tomb of the Khan / by Kirby, Matthew J., Tremor / by Carman, Patrick. Truesight / by Stahler, David. Uglies / by Westerfeld, Scott. UnBound : by Shusterman, Neal, Under the never sky / by Rossi, Veronica. UnDivided / by Shusterman, Neal. United as one / by Lore, Pittacus. UnSouled / by Shusterman, Neal. UnWholly : by Shusterman, Neal. Unwind / by Shusterman, Neal. Vanguard / by Aguirre, Ann Variant / by Wells, Robison E. Villain by Grant, Michael Vortex / by Kincaid, S. J. Warcross / by Lu, Marie, Wayfarer / by Bracken, Alexandra Wildcard / by Lu, Marie, Will to survive / by Walters, Eric, Winter / by Meyer, Marissa, York by Ruby, Laura. Z for Zachariah / by O'Brien, Robert C.