Marticville Mystery/Horror RSS feed for public list Marticville Mystery/Horror A deadly game of magic / by Nixon, Joan Lowery. A friend at midnight / by Cooney, Caroline B. A king's ransom / by Watson, Jude. A taste for monsters / by Kirby, Matthew J., Abduction! / by Kehret, Peg. All fall down / by Carter, Ally. All the lovely bad ones : by Hahn, Mary Downing. Amandine / by Griffin, Adele. Amber House / by Moore, Kelly And then there were four / by Werlin, Nancy, Are you in the house alone? / by Peck, Richard, Awakening / by Wasserman, Robin. Bad girls don't die / by Alender, Katie. Beastly bones / by Ritter, William, Before I let go / by Nijkamp, Marieke. Being dead / by Vande Velde, Vivian. Betrayal / by Wasserman, Robin. Beyond the grave / by Watson, Jude. Blood will tell / by Henry, April. Book scavenger / by Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss, Breathe : by McNish, Cliff. Call of the wraith / by Sands, Kevin Capturing the devil / by Maniscalco, Kerri Child X / by Weatherly, Lee. City of ghosts / by Schwab, Victoria, City of saints & thieves / by Anderson, Natalie C., Civil War ghosts / by Cohen, Daniel, Classic adventures of Sherlock Holmes. by Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Closed for the season : by Hahn, Mary Downing. Code orange / by Cooney, Caroline B. Come find me / by Miranda, Megan. Count all her bones / by Henry, April, Creep / by Corrigan, Eireann, Creepers / by Dahme, Joanne. Cross my heart and hope to spy / by Carter, Ally. Dark secrets 2 : by Chandler, Elizabeth. Dark secrets. by Chandler, Elizabeth. Dark souls : by Morris, Paula. Darkwood / by Breen, M. E. Day of doom / by Baldacci, David. Dead man's switch / by Brouwer, Sigmund, Deadly / by Chibbaro, Julie. Deep and dark and dangerous / by Hahn, Mary Downing. Diamonds in the shadow / by Cooney, Caroline B. Disappearance : by Watson, Jude. Disappeared / by Stork, Francisco X., Don't judge a girl by her cover / by Carter, Ally. Don't look behind you / by Duncan, Lois, Dovey Coe / by Dowell, Frances O'Roark. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's library / by Grabenstein, Chris. Escaping from Houdini / by Maniscalco, Kerri. Evil star / by Horowitz, Anthony, Fake ID / by Sorrells, Walter. Falling from Grace / by Godwin, Jane, Famous last words / by Alender, Katie, Fatality / by Cooney, Caroline B. Finding Mighty / by Chari, Sheela, Firehorse / by Wilson, Diane L. For all time / by Cooney, Caroline B. Found / by Coben, Harlan, Fragments of the lost / by Miranda, Megan Frankenstein. by Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, Frenzy / by Liparulo, Robert. From above / by McClintock, Norah, From bad to cursed : by Alender, Katie. Fuzzy mud / by Sachar, Louis, Gatekeepers / by Liparulo, Robert. Ghost dog secrets / by Kehret, Peg. Ghost in the machine / by Carman, Patrick. Ghost soldier / by Alphin, Elaine Marie. Ghosts of Greenglass House / by Milford, Kate, Girl in a bad place by Ward, Kaitlin Great tales and poems / by Poe, Edgar Allan, Greenglass House / by Milford, Kate. Guest : by Hahn, Mary Downing, House of dark shadows / by Liparulo, Robert. How to disappear completely and never be found / by Nickerson, Sara. Hunting Prince Dracula / by Maniscalco, Kerri, I am Princess X / by Priest, Cherie, I know what you did last summer / by Duncan, Lois, I so don't do mysteries / by Summy, Barrie. I swear / by Davis, Lane. I, Q. by Smith, Roland, I, Q. by Smith, Roland, Icefall / by Kirby, Matthew J., If the witness lied / by Cooney, Caroline B. In too deep / by Watson, Jude. Inherit midnight / by Myers, Kate Kae, Into the gauntlet / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Jack's run / by Smith, Roland, Jackaby / by Ritter, William, Janie face to face / by Cooney, Caroline B. Keeper of the night / by Holt, Kimberly Willis. Legend of the ghost dog / by Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody. Liberty / by Portes, Andrea Lily Dale : by Staub, Wendy Corsi. Lily Dale : by Staub, Wendy Corsi. Lily Dale : by Staub, Wendy Corsi. Look for me by moonlight / by Hahn, Mary Downing. Marie Antoinette, serial killer / by Alender, Katie. Mark of the plague / by Sands, Kevin, Montmorency : by Updale, Eleanor. Montmorency and the assassins : by Updale, Eleanor. Montmorency on the rocks : by Updale, Eleanor. Montmorency's revenge / by Updale, Eleanor. Mountain of bones / by Krovatin, Christopher. Murder at midnight / by Avi, Murdered, my sweet / by Nixon, Joan Lowery. Mystery isle / by St. George, Judith, Necropolis / by Horowitz, Anthony, Neverwas / by Moore, Kelly Nightmare / by Nixon, Joan Lowery. Nightrise / by Horowitz, Anthony, No place / by Strasser, Todd. Not if I save you first / by Carter, Ally, Oblivion / by Horowitz, Anthony, One came home / by Timberlake, Amy. One false note / by Korman, Gordon. One of us is lying / by McManus, Karen M., One of us is next / by McManus, Karen M., Only the good spy young / by Carter, Ally. Out of sight, out of time / by Carter, Ally. Out of tune / by McClintock, Norah, Panic / by Oliver, Lauren, Picture the dead / by Griffin, Adele. Poe : by Hinds, Gareth, Premonitions / by Watson, Jude. Pretend she's here / by Rice, Luanne, R.I.P. Eliza Hart / by Sheinmel, Alyssa B., Raven's gate / by Horowitz, Anthony, Reality check / by Abrahams, Peter, Red kayak / by Cummings, Priscilla, Ruined / by Morris, Paula. Run, hide, fight back by Henry, April, Runaway twin / by Kehret, Peg. Sanctuary / by McKissack, Jennifer Sang spell / by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Search for the shadowman / by Nixon, Joan Lowery. Seconds away : by Coben, Harlan, See how they run / by Carter, Ally, See no evil / by Gavin, Jamila. Sender unknown / by Lowenstein, Sallie Claire. Shadow horse / by Hart, Alison, Shattered / by Terry, Teri. Shatterproof / by Smith, Roland, Shelter : by Coben, Harlan, Skeleton Creek / by Carman, Patrick. Skeleton man / by Bruchac, Joseph, Slated / by Terry, Teri. Something upstairs : by Avi, Stalking Jack the Ripper / by Maniscalco, Kerri, Stolen children / by Kehret, Peg. Storm warning / by Park, Linda Sue. Strings attached / by Blundell, Judy. Tennyson / by Blume, Lesley M. M. That's not what happened / by Keplinger, Kody. The accidental bad girl / by Kaplan, Maxine. The agony house / by Priest, Cherie. The Alamo / by Smith, Roland, The Alcatraz escape / by Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss, The assassin's curse / by Sands, Kevin The awakening of Sunshine Girl / by McKenzie, Paige, The back door of midnight / by Chandler, Elizabeth, The best friend / by Stine, R. L. The Black Book of Secrets / by Higgins, F. E. The black circle / by Carman, Patrick. The blackthorn key / by Sands, Kevin. The body in the woods / by Henry, April. The body of Christopher Creed / by Plum-Ucci, Carol, The bone magician / by Higgins, F. E. The Book of Bad Things / by Poblocki, Dan, The book of Dead Days / by Sedgwick, Marcus. The calling / by Armstrong, Kelley. The castle on Deadman's Island / by Parkinson, Curtis. The charmed children of Rookskill Castle / by Fox, Janet S., The Christopher killer : by Ferguson, Alane. The collector by Alexander, K. R., The crossbones / by Carman, Patrick. The crossroads / by Grabenstein, Chris. The dark descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein / by White, Kiersten. The Darkdeep / by Condie, Allyson Braithwaite The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall by Alender, Katie. The dead of night / by Lerangis, Peter. The death collector / by Richards, Justin. The emperor's code / by Korman, Gordon. The face on the milk carton / by Cooney, Caroline B. The fall / by Preller, James, The fall of the House of Usher, and four other tales : by Poe, Edgar Allan, The fog / by Cooney, Caroline B. The Game of Sunken Places / by Anderson, M. T. The gardener / by Bodeen, S. A. The gathering / by Armstrong, Kelley. The ghost behind the wall / by Burgess, Melvin. The ghost of Crutchfield Hall / by Hahn, Mary Downing. The ghost of Fossil Glen / by DeFelice, Cynthia C. The ghost of Graylock / by Poblocki, Dan. The ghost's grave / by Kehret, Peg. The girl I used to be / by Henry, April, The girl who was supposed to die / by Henry, April. The graveyard book / by Gaiman, Neil. The hand on the wall / by Johnson, Maureen, The haunting / by Nixon, Joan Lowery. The haunting of sunshine girl. by McKenzie, Paige, The house on Stone's Throw Island / by Poblocki, Dan, The hunt for the seventh / by Morton-Shaw, Christine. The inquistor's apprentice / by Moriarty, Chris, The kidnapping of Christina Lattimore / by Nixon, Joan Lowery. The London Eye mystery / by Dowd, Siobhan. The lonely dead / by Henry, April. The long game : by Barnes, Jennifer The maze of bones / by Riordan, Rick. The mysterious howling. by Wood, Maryrose. The New Year's party / by Stine, R. L. The night gardener by Auxier, Jonathan. The night I disappeared / by Deaver, Julie Reece. The night she disappeared / by Henry, April. The night tourist / by Marsh, Katherine. The old Willis place : by Hahn, Mary Downing. The Parker inheritance / by Johnson, Varian, The raft / by Bodeen, S. A. The raven / by Carman, Patrick. The return of Skeleton Man / by Bruchac, Joseph, The rising / by Armstrong, Kelley. The sacrifice of Sunshine Girl / by McKenzie, Paige The secret / by Stine, R. L. The secret of Laurel Oaks / by Ruby, Lois. The secret of Midway / by Watkins, Steve, The seer of shadows / by Avi, The shadow society / by Rutkoski, Marie. The sight : by Watson, Jude. The stone child / by Poblocki, Dan. The sword thief / by Lerangis, Peter. The unbreakable code / by Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss, The vanishing stair / by Johnson, Maureen, The viper's nest / by Lerangis, Peter. The voice on the radio / by Cooney, Caroline B. The Westing game / by Raskin, Ellen. The woman in the wall / by Kindl, Patrice. They never came back / by Cooney, Caroline B. Thirteen reasons why / by Asher, Jay. This is our story / by Elston, Ashley, This is where it ends / by Nijkamp, Marieke, This monstrous thing / by Lee, Mackenzi. Three days / by Napoli, Donna Jo, Timescape / by Liparulo, Robert. To catch a killer / by Scarborough, Sheryl, To right the wrongs / by Scarborough, Sheryl, Trance / by Gerber, Linda C. Trial by fire / by McClintock, Norah, Truly Devious / by Johnson, Maureen, Trust No One by Park, Linda Sue. Truth / by Wasserman, Robin. Truthers / by Girard, Geoffrey Tunnel of bones / by Schwab, Victoria, Twisted summer / by Roberts, Willo Davis. Two can keep a secret / by McManus, Karen M., Unbroken : by Morris, Paula. Vespers rising / Wait till Helen comes : by Hahn, Mary Downing. Wake up missing / by Messner, Kate. Watcher in the woods / by Liparulo, Robert. What Janie found / by Cooney, Caroline B. What the dead want / by Olson, Norah, What waits in the water by Scott, Kieran. What waits in the woods / by Scott, Kieran, Whatever happened to Janie? / by Cooney, Caroline B. When / by Laurie, Victoria, Whirlwind / by Liparulo, Robert. Wickedpedia / by Van Etten, Chris, You owe me a murder / by Cook, Eileen, Young ghosts / by Cohen, Daniel. Zach's lie / by Smith, Roland,