Marticville Historical Fiction RSS feed for public list Marticville Historical Fiction A boy at war : by Mazer, Harry. A boy no more / by Mazer, Harry. A frost in the night : by Baer, Edith. A night divided / by Nielsen, Jennifer A., A single shard / by Park, Linda Sue. A thunderous whisper / by Gonzalez, Christina Diaz, Alive and kicking / by Lynch, Chris, All Quiet on the Western Front by Remarque, Erich Maria; retold by Tony Evans. All quiet on the western front / by Remarque, Erich Maria. Allies / by Gratz, Alan, Amos Fortune, free man / by Yates, Elizabeth. Anson's way / by Schmidt, Gary D. Anthem / by Wiles, Deborah, Ashes / by Anderson, Laurie Halse, Assassin / by Myers, Anna. Bad times, good friends : by Vogel, Ilse Margret. Behind the bedroom wall / by Williams, Laura E. Beware, Princess Elizabeth / by Meyer, Carolyn, Blood on the river : by Carbone, Elisa Lynn. Bound / by Napoli, Donna Jo, Brooklyn Bridge / by Hesse, Karen. Brotherhood / by Westrick, Anne. Brown girl dreaming / by Woodson, Jacqueline. Bud, not Buddy / by Curtis, Christopher Paul. Bull Run. by Fleischman, Paul. Call me Ruth / by Sachs, Marilyn. Casualties of war / by Lynch, Chris, Chains : by Anderson, Laurie Halse. Clockwork princess / by Clare, Cassandra. Code name Verity / by Wein, Elizabeth. Code of honor / by Gratz, Alan, Code Talker : by Bruchac, Joseph, Copper sun / by Draper, Sharon M. Crossing Ebenezer Creek / by Bolden, Tonya, Daniel half human and the good Nazi / by Chotjewitz, David. Daniel's story / by Matas, Carol, Dawn. / by Wiesel, Elie, Dead in the water / by Lynch, Chris, Dear Emma / by Hurwitz, Johanna. Distant waves : by Weyn, Suzanne. Don't tell the Nazis : by Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk, Double time / by Sescoe, Vincent E. Drums of war / by Hemingway, Edith Morris, Duchessina, a novel of Catherine de Medici / by Meyer, Carolyn, Escape from Warsaw : by Serraillier, Ian. Fallen angels / by Myers, Walter Dean, Farm boy / by Morpurgo, Michael. Finishing Becca : by Rinaldi, Ann. Fire from the rock / by Draper, Sharon M. First words : by Loy, Rosetta, Five 4ths of July / by Hughes, Pat For freedom : by Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. Forge / by Anderson, Laurie Halse. Four-Four-Two / by Hughes, Dean, Free-fire zone / by Lynch, Chris, Girl in the blue coat / by Hesse, Monica. Girl of Kosovo / by Mead, Alice. Give me liberty / by Elliott, Laura. Grape thief / by Franklin, Kristine L. Greater than angels / by Matas, Carol, Grenade / by Gratz, Alan, Hamilton and Peggy! : by Elliott, Laura, Hang a thousand trees with ribbons : by Rinaldi, Ann. Hear the wind blow / by Hahn, Mary Downing. Heroes don't run / by Mazer, Harry. Hitler's secret : by Osborne, William How I found the strong : by McMullan, Margaret. I am David / by Holm, Anne, I pledge allegiance / Vietnam / by Lynch, Chris, If I should die before I wake / by Nolan, Han. In the shadow of the sun / by O'Brien, Anne Sibley, Incommunicado / by Platt, Randall Beth, Invisible world : by Weyn, Suzanne. Is it night or day? / by Chapman, Fern Schumer. Johnny Tremain : by Forbes, Esther. Jump ship to freedom / by Collier, James Lincoln, Just Jane : by Lavender, William. Live in infamy / by Richmond, Caroline Tung. Lunch-box dream / by Abbott, Tony. Making bombs for Hitler / by Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk, Making it home : Mapping the bones / by Yolen, Jane. March toward the thunder / by Bruchac, Joseph, Mary, Bloody Mary / by Meyer, Carolyn. Missing in action / by Hughes, Dean, My brigadista year / by Paterson, Katherine, My brother Sam is dead / by Collier, James Lincoln, My brother's secret / by Smith, Dan, Night fires : by Stanley, George Edward. Night Witches : by Lasky, Kathryn, North by night : by Ayres, Katherine. Number the stars / by Lowry, Lois. Out of the dust / by Hesse, Karen. Phantoms in the snow / by Duble, Kathleen Benner. Prisoner B-3087 / by Gratz, Alan, Prisoner of war / by Spradlin, Michael P., Prisoners in the palace : by MacColl, Michaela. Private Captain : by Crisp, Marty. Private Peaceful / by Morpurgo, Michael. Projekt 1065 / by Gratz, Alan, Rebel cargo / by Riordan, James, Rebel Hart / by Hemingway, Edith Morris, Refugee / by Gratz, Alan, Resist by Gratz, Alan. Resistance by Nielsen, Jennifer A. Revolution / by Wiles, Deborah, Rifles for Watie / by Keith, Harold, Riot / by Myers, Walter Dean, Roll of thunder, hear my cry. by Taylor, Mildred D. Run, boy, run : by Orlev, Uri, Salt to the sea : by Sepetys, Ruta, Saving Private Ryan / by Collins, Max Allan Scar : by Mann, Jennifer Ann, Seek / by Fleischman, Paul. Sharpshooter / by Lynch, Chris, Silent thunder : by Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Sink or swim / by Watkins, Steve, So young to die : by Ransom, Candice F., Sold on a Monday : by McMorris, Kristina, Soldier boys / by Hughes, Dean, Soldier dog / by Angus, Sam. Soldier X / by Wulffson, Don L. Soldier's heart : by Paulsen, Gary. Soldier's secret : by Klass, Sheila Solomon. Someone named Eva / by Wolf, Joan M., Sophia's war : by Avi, SOS Titanic / by Bunting, Eve, Stealing freedom / by Carbone, Elisa Lynn. Stealing South : by Ayres, Katherine. Stella stands alone / by LaFaye, A. Stonewall's gold : by Mrazek, Robert J. Stowaway / by Hesse, Karen. Sunrise over Fallujah / by Myers, Walter Dean, Suspect red / by Elliott, Laura, The American Revolution / by Grote, JoAnn A. The bloody country / by Collier, James Lincoln, The bomb / by Taylor, Theodore, The book thief / by Zusak, Markus. The boy at the top of the mountain / by Boyne, John, The boy in the striped pajamas : by Boyne, John, The boy on the wooden box : by Leyson, Leon, The boy who dared / by Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. The boys from St. Petri / by Reuter, Bjarne B. The chosen / by Potok, Chaim. The dark unwinding / by Cameron, Sharon, The drummer boy of Vicksburg / by Wisler, G. Clifton. The enemy : by Holbrook, Sara, The enemy above / by Spradlin, Michael P., The fifth son. by Wiesel, Elie, The fountains of silence : by Sepetys, Ruta The Glory Field / by Myers, Walter Dean. The keeping room / by Myers, Anna. The killer angels / by Shaara, Michael. The land / by Taylor, Mildred D. The liberators / by Lynch, Chris, The librarian of Auschwitz / by Iturbe, Antonio, The lions of Little Rock / by Levine, Kristin The lost crown / by Miller, Sarah Elizabeth, The only thing to fear / by Richmond, Caroline Tung, The red badge of courage / by Crane, Stephen, The right fight / by Lynch, Chris, The sacrifice / by Duble, Kathleen Benner. The silent boy / by Lowry, Lois. The smile / by Napoli, Donna Jo, The upstairs room / by Reiss, Johanna. The war below / by Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk. The war outside / by Hesse, Monica, Thin wood walls / by Patneaude, David. Titanic crossing / by Williams, Barbara. To spoil the sun / by Rockwood, Joyce. Unconventional warfare / by Lynch, Chris, Under a war-torn sky / by Elliott, Laura. Under the blood-red sun / by Salisbury, Graham. Velvet / by Hooper, Mary, Walking wounded / by Lynch, Chris, War comes to Willy Freeman / by Collier, James Lincoln, War horse / by Morpurgo, Michael. When my name was Keoko / by Park, Linda Sue. With every drop of blood / by Collier, James Lincoln, Witness / by Hesse, Karen. Yellow Star. by Roy, Jennifer Rozines.